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Automate repetitive tasks

Save time

Why use Zapier with Mindbaz?

With Zapier, you can connect Mindbaz with over 4500 solutions. No need to change your habits and favorite tools.

What workflows should I use?

Workflows are activated by a trigger that initiates one or more actions. Here are some examples of workflows:

Workflow 1 - Newsletter

Trigger: A person just subscribed to your newsletter
Action: They automatically receive a welcome email from you

Workflow 2 - A potential new customer

Trigger: A person created an account on your platform
Action: A notification is sent to your support team via Slack to contact them quickly

Workflow 3 - Don’t miss leads

Trigger: A person just filled out a contact form
Action: An email is automatically sent to your Sales team

Workflow 4 - New information is saved automatically

Trigger: Someone sends you a message via Facebook
Search: Based on their email, information is identified: “”
Action: The contact is sent to the “Gmail contacts” list.

The possibilities are endless!

Think of all the tasks you could automate. Identify the ones that concern Mindbaz. Then, just link Mindbaz with your other solutions using a workflow (or “Zap”) in Zapier.

Which apps can I link to Mindbaz without coding?

More than 4500 apps are currently available with Zapier. Here are the most popular ones:

Business apps

logos business apps connecte a mindbaz zapier


IT Operations apps

logos it operation apps connecte a mindbaz zapier

Financial apps

logos apps finance connecte a mindbaz zapier

Sales and CRM apps

logos ventes et crm apps connecte a mindbaz zapier

Support apps

logos apps accompagnement connecte a mindbaz zapier
code_module zapier mindbaz

Don’t have an API? No problem

If you don’t have an API, Zapier allows you to code actions yourself.

With this method, you won’t be limited to existing modules. You can imagine any action you want.

Not a Mindbaz customer yet?

I’m not a developer, can I set up workflows?


We’ve put together a tutorial to help you understand how to automate your tasks. Lexicon, explanations, help… No need for technical skills to implement Zapier.

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