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Mindbaz customers share their success stories. Learn how our customers use Mindbaz emails and SMS solutions to upgrade their campaigns.

Mesopinions success story

Rémy Fertin is CTO of MesOpinions shares his customer experience

Rémy Fertin is CTO of MesOpinions, the platform that allows all citizens to be heard.

By leveraging Mindbaz’s API, Rémy Fertin has automated the company’s entire email strategy. He achieves record opening rates and shares his feedback.

MeilleurTaux Assurances success story

témoignage client meilleureassurance avis mindbaz

Manon Dauchy works at MeilleurTaux Assurances and uses Mindbaz in her daily life.

After 3 years of focusing on their email strategy, MeilleurTaux Assurances is developing a new channel with Mindbaz: SMS. Back on a winning strategy for the company of the MeilleurTaux group.

Fomento’s Success story

témoignage client fomento avis mindbaz

Alessandro Gherardi has been working with Mindbaz since 2017. His main consideration is to work with software that allows him to focus on his business.

One of the reason Alessandro Gherardi chose Mindbaz, is our solution that  includes key features that have been designed with our clients, such as complete dashboards or precise segmentation tools.’s review about Mindbaz

témoignage client avis mindbaz

“For almost 10 years, Mindbaz has supported us on our email routing issues.

Today, Mindbaz is connected and fully integrated into our technological ecosystem (DMP, external segmentation tools, front and admin websites, email ad server, third party API…).

The team and their solutions are flexible and have been able to adapt and to the specificities of our business.”

Filae : What do they think about Mindbaz

témoignage client filae avis mindbaz

“Initially, Filae directly managed its email campaigns. An operation that, over time, proved to be expensive and complex.

We therefore had to find a better solution and at the same time continue to develop our business. We also wanted to improve the deliverability rate of our campaigns.”

Emmanuel Condamine, CEO Filae 

Avis Vérifiés feedback about Mindbaz

témoignage client avis verifies avis mindbaz

A trusted third party, Avis Vérifiés is a leader is collecting customer reviews in France and is also available internationally in 20 countries.

Laurent Abisset, co-fonder of Avis Vérifiés, knows it : Emailing is more than a strategic issue for Avis Vérifiés which solicits the opinions of its customers’ customers though… email.

M6 Communication success story

témoignage client m6 communication avis mindbaz

“Mindbaz met and continues to meet all our needs. We exchange regularly with the Mindbaz Team and have dedicated interlocutors who know our business issues perfectly.

On some technical and deliverability points, which go beyond webmarketing, we need experts and concrete advice to accompany us. We have found that in Mindbaz and are appreciative.”

Sandra Saeckinger Gabory, M6 Monetization Project Manager

Avis vérifiés

“In order to improve our deliverability rate, we needed a customized solution that easily connects with our different APIs. We are completely satisfied with Mindbaz.”


Laurent Abisset,


“Mindbaz adapted to the specificity of our activities by developing 100% custom features.”

Antoine Aillard,
Product Owner


“Managing transactional emails, personalizing emailing campaigns, defining our segmentation strategy … everything has changed significantly thanks to the proactivity and adaptability of our respective teams.”

Emmanuel Condamine,
Director General

“Since 2012 we have used Mindbaz to send all our communications: newsletters, dedicated emails and transactional emails (thank you for signing, payment receipt, contact box etc.) Thanks to Mindbaz’s powerful APIs, our database is updated in real time with our website and datamining tools.

The Mindbaz team is very reactive and provides daily support, but also accompanies us on larger projects. Their expertise in terms of deliverability (advice, analysis, monitoring), of support and technical solutions, of commerce and marketing is invaluable. “

Rémy Fertin,

Technical Manager

“M6 Web has been using the Mindbaz tool to communicate with its customers for many years. The Mindbaz team is always responsive in offering advice and help, which is an invaluable benefit for long-term relationships with our customers. A very intuitive tool, Mindbaz is constantly evolving to provide solutions to our needs and to adapt according to user feedback, which is very appreciated. “

Victoria Dacquet,

Content Production Manager

Cuisine AZ, F&B, Passeport Santé, M6 METEO

“Mindbaz allows us to simply and intuitively manage our marketing campaigns while having access to advanced segmentation features. Their customer service representatives are quick to respond yet take the time to best answer our questions. The performance of their technological solution, in addition to their real relational quality, are appreciable and of consequence.”

Iwan Le Strugeon,

Digital Commerce Manager Carter-Cash

“We had a shared provider, but it did not allow us to reach the deliverability rates we wanted. We were looking for a partner that could interconnect via API to provide us with a customized solution. That’s why we chose the alternative solution proposed by Mindbaz, which best met our constraints. “

Laurent Abisset,

Co-founder | CTO Avis Vérifiés

“Before Mindbaz, we used a very complete tool but very complex and expensive with, in return, little customer service.

We sought out a solution that is both easy to use and usable by API, capable of handling large email volumes and offering personalized advice.

Mindbaz met and continues to meet all our needs. We exchange regularly with the Mindbaz Team and have dedicated interlocutors who know our business issues perfectly. On some technical and deliverability points, which go beyond webmarketing, we need experts and concrete advice to accompany us. We have found that in Mindbaz and are appreciative.”

Sandra Saeckinger,

6Play Monetization Project Manager

“We have optimized our entire emailing acquisition strategy by moving from a quantitative approach to a qualitative approach, based on smarter segmentation.

The Mindbaz team, who accompanies us on the strategic issues of acquisition and loyalty emailing, are very reactive and have a business-oriented approach. Moreover, they are made up of real experts in deliverability, which was very useful during this transition. “

Hervé Sevestre,

Marketing Director Webedia

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