Display Name: How to choose the best sender name for your emailing campaign?

by | Jun 22, 2022

Email sender name : How to boost your campaign deliverability

In order to increase your chances of having good deliverability statistics, there are a few things you need to know. First of all, Internet Services Providers (ISPs) are the ones who allow your emails to make it to the inbox: Orange, SFR, LaPoste (FR), Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, IOL… Filtering tools like Vade are also major actors that have an impact on your deliverability

If you are an agency that is sending emailing campaigns for companies, these rules are even more important for you. ISPs can easily block your campaigns if you try to trick them

In June 2022, French ISPs have, once again, established new rules for the display name. Read more to find out what you can and can not do in your email campaign. 

Email sender name: the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) told us the good display name

First, what is a display name in an emailing campaign

The display name is the alias entered on your emails at the sender level. It is the sender name that the user will see displayed in his inbox. It plays an important role in your email campaign: Because it directly impacts your deliverability, i.e. the chance that your email actually gets to your audience’s mailbox. 

On the picture, “Mindbaz” is the display name. “How to choose the best sender name for your emailing campaign” is the subject.

The rules are getting less flexible 

In direct email marketing, it has often been customary to use this sender alias to give more information about the offer in the emails. But the rules accepted by ISPs and filtering tools have become stricter in recent years. 

Their goal is to deal with phishing attempts and/or deliberately misleading senders. That is why rules have been specified on what is acceptable and what will be filtered out if they are not respected. 

Mindbaz : an efficient email solution to boost your deliverability

3 tips to create a good display name for the ISPs

Internet Service Providers know what a good email sender’s name is. They recommend to make it so that the user can easily identify who is sending them the marketing email or advertisement. 

Mindbaz experts checked the rules in order to provide you with advice to boost your deliverability:

  1. Write opt-in first in the sender alias
  2. Do not use the brand alone
  3. Don’t use the display name as a second subject line

The best email sender name

Basically, you need to be clear and have to display, the name of the database, and your subject line. Let’s say that the company you are sending campaigns for is Amazon and your database is called “Daily selection”. You need to use your subject line to tell more about the products or services on offer.

In this scenario, an optimized display name and subject line would be:

Sender: Daily selection
Subject: [Amazon] Everything is on sale!

Break the rules and the consequences could be harsh for your agency. If you were used to having more flexible email display names that were working,

but it is over now.

SMS marketing: what if you would try it?

What you cannot use as a display name anymore

Rules tend to change with time. You might have read articles that gave you other advice so you have to be sure that the information is updated enough. 

On your right, there are some examples of display names that are no longer accepted by the Internet Service Providers.

  • Amazon*
  • Your online store
  • Store offer
  • Database for your electronic needs
  • Your online store by Database
  • Best deals for you

*Easy to remember: If you are not Amazon, don’t say you are Amazon

Example of a white label campaign: Health Insurance for Senior citizens

What if the campaign does not have a brand name (i.e : a white label)

Well, there is no exception known.

The only sender accepted by ISPs and filtering tools like Vade will be the name of your base only.

The following senders are forbidden:

  • My Health Insurance
  • Database for Senior Health
  • Senior Health Insurance by Database
  • And so on

What happens if you break the ISPs and filtering tool email rules

ISPs : Internet Service Providers

A failure to respect these rules will lead to blocking on the ISP side / bad Vade score.

Please, be very mindful on this subject. The most important thing to keep in mind is to identify who is doing the sending in order not to mislead your subscribers.

Increase your email campaign deliverability with other actions

If you want to have good deliverability and email statistics, we just gave you the first step. Other actions are necessary if you want to increase your key performance indicators, such as:

Your audience matters too: show them the right display name

After checking if you have been following the rules for your display name, Spam filters are looking for good and bad signals. 

Good signals can be 

  • High open rates
  • Good reply rates
  • Moving a message from spam or junk folders to the inbox 
  • Adding a sender to a recipient’s address book

Bad signals can be 

  • Moving a message from inbox to spam or junk folders
  • Deleting an unopened message

These signals influence a score that is very important for your deliverability rate. 

The person performing these actions is directly impacted by your display name. Conclusion: You have to optimize your email display name for ISPs, filter tools, AND your audience. 

Still struggling?

Let’s talk about how you could improve your deliverability rate with our experts. 

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